Aura Sprays

Water from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury

The Chalice Well is a spring that naturally arises in Glastonbury, Somerset in England. The water is of the highest quality from a very deep and unknown source.

It is entirely pure and unpolluted, known as a chalybeate spring, meaning it’s rich in iron.

The healing power of the water is not in its mineral content, however, but in a subtle vibratory energy that is released when the water leaves its subterranean home and interacts with the forces of earth, air and light above ground.

This water is collected by hand, not electrically pumped, thus preserving its vibrational purity.

In to this pure spring water the finest quality organic essential oils are added. Each spray has its own unique blend. Next to be added are traditionally made flower and gem essences which further potentize the sprays with their own unique subtle energy.

Each spray has its own signature combination.

These aura sprays are hand-made with respect and care, and are designed to enhance your well-being.

Maker of Onessence Aura Sprays




Laurence Murray has been making these essences for over 20 years using Chalice Well spring water. He has been a resident practitioner of the healing arts at the Chalice well and has written and lectured on the nature of flower essences.





Bio -dynamic

Around the physical body of every living organism is a bio-dynamic energy field, vibrating very rapidly. In us, as in other life forms, this sensitive field or aura provides the energetic blueprint for our well-being. Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions exist as vibrations around us, bringing with them definite physiological changes in the body.

Aura spray

These sprays are designed to be sprayed in to your aura to help restore equilibrium. Alternatively, they may be applied to a room or space to balance the energy within. They contain pure Chalice Well spring water, one of the purest water sources on the planet in terms of substance vibrations. It has been flowing since ancient times, at a constant rate and temperature. It is collected by hand, not electrically pumped.


Water stores vibratory patterns on a molecular level. We are about three-quarters water, and water with an optimum set of frequencies imprinted in to it can restore our health.

100% Natural

Vegetable glycerine, a 100% natural plant-derived preservative, is mixed with this water. A synergistic blend of vibrational tinctures (flower and gem essences) and essential oils is then added to this base to create the sprays, like notes making musical harmony.